Friday, August 5, 2011


This girl makes me so happy. And she is so happy...she is so fun to hang out with:-) I can not believe that soon, very soon...she will be starting kindergarten. But trying not to think about that just yet; we still have a few more weeks of summer to soak up! Hope you are enjoying yours:-)

This is another layout I did using Teresa Collin's Black and White cartridge. Love how it looks with all that colour added to it!


  1. that cart. is AMAZING! and the colors on this layout are perfect--i'm at the stage I'm ready for my kids to start school next wednesday! I made them have quiet time for an hour 1/2--tired of fighting! :)

  2. Your creativity makes me HAPPY!

  3. Soooooooo Sooooo FAB!!! LOVE this!!!

  4. Oh the colors of this layout are fabulous! Such a cutie!


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