Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bella Blvd --- MAX Collection!!!!

I am so excited to share all the new Bella Blvd products with you this week!!!  First up is the amazing Max collection (my first dog's name was Max so already this collection is a winner with me!)

"Max is seriously cool. He’s too old for toys, but totally interested in his new guitar and creating the perfect playlist to jam to. Instead of focusing on his homework Max dreams of being a rock star, going hunting with his friends someday, & even beginning high school with all the pretty girls. Chill out with Max from Bella Blvd."

Check it out:

Isn't it FABULOUS???  Hurry over to the Bella Blvd Blog to admire the fantastic page the oh so talented Laura Vegas created and while you are there enter to win the entire collection!!!  YES…the entire collection!!!

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