Sunday, March 24, 2013


I am one of those people who really actually loves winter.  I love the stillness, how beautiful it can be and I enjoy many winter activities like cross country skiing.  I am, however, so DONE with winter.  It has felt ridiculously long this year and I am ready for sunshine, birds coming back and butterflies.

Since it is now officially Spring...I have decided to act as though it is Spring (even though there is SO much snow outside and it is still very COLD).  I have started my Spring cleaning, bought new sundresses for my girls and started to plan my garden!  Here are some fun Spring tags I made using a mix of Teresa Collins goodies:

Friday, March 15, 2013

You are Nine

Time.  It is a funny thing as we age how much more quickly it goes.  I never seem to have enough of it and yet, I dont' think I would notice just HOW quickly it goes by if not for my children to help me realize.  My darling baby girl turned nine...NINE!  When did this happen?  I swear she was a toddler yesterday.   We celebrated her birthday by renting a hotel and water-sliding until we were all exhausted  (well I at least I was)!!!    Here is the birthday girl:

Taking picture of my "tween" is getting more difficult but she cooperated nicely so I could take a few to document her turning nine!  I used the fabulous Composition and Color collection from Webster's Pages for this layout.

I love, love, love WASHI tape so I added bits and pieces here and there.  Then, I covered up my heart with it!   The nine I just printed off my computer.  Here is a close up:

Have a fabulous Friday!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Creative Scrapbook March Reveal

My Creative Scrapbook has done it again!!! I love every single kit this month...amazing.  I got to play with the Creative kit...check out the kit:

My first layout is about my sweet Jazzy girl.  She is a princess...we tried to keep her off the couch but she wouldn't have it any other way.  (and perhaps I gave up WAY too easily..but look at her - she is too adorable to say no to!)

Next up another sweetie...this girl is soooooo loving!  She seriously has the biggest heart with so much love to give!  I adore her.

And lastly, a new dress from Mexico.  All she asked for was a I bought one for her, her sister and me.  And yes, they all coordinate :-)  They need to match for upcoming photo ops and scrapbook pages...HA!

And opps, just noticed I did not fill in the date.  I am horrible at dating layouts...that will be fun to sort out some day to put them in order.  Sheesh!

Have a fabulous day!