Sunday, March 24, 2013


I am one of those people who really actually loves winter.  I love the stillness, how beautiful it can be and I enjoy many winter activities like cross country skiing.  I am, however, so DONE with winter.  It has felt ridiculously long this year and I am ready for sunshine, birds coming back and butterflies.

Since it is now officially Spring...I have decided to act as though it is Spring (even though there is SO much snow outside and it is still very COLD).  I have started my Spring cleaning, bought new sundresses for my girls and started to plan my garden!  Here are some fun Spring tags I made using a mix of Teresa Collins goodies:


  1. SO beautiful. I love how you used both the positive and negative space from the butterfly. Smarty pants!

  2. Love how sweet and the little shabby feel to these tags.....
    Kim xXx


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