Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm Baaack

Hello blogland!  After a long hiatus I am back! My husband and I took a vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and it a blast!!!  First time leaving my girls ... not so easy to do!!!  Now it is back to reality and responsibility.  I can't seem to catch up...I need a holiday after my holiday...HA!

Here is a picture from one of my favorite things we did in Mexico...we went swimming with a dolphin.  Her name is Ava and it was an unreal experience to swim with her.  Such a beautiful amazing!

Today I am sharing the fabulous February Creative Kit from My Creative Scrapbook:

Here are the layouts I came up with:


  1. Gorgeous layouts Jamie! Looks like your trip was wonderful!

  2. I LOVE all the layouts, but the 2nd one is my face. I'm glad you got to escape to somewhere warm and enjoy time with your hubby. While you were in Mexico, I was in the Caribbean. IT was hard to come back home to cold and snow.

  3. what a FUN vacation--swimming with Dolphins--WOW! GREAT layouts girl!


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