Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sweet Friends

Friends.  They are so important in our lives, aren't they?  I am so lucky to have my sweet friends in my life whom I LOVE... these ladies are fun, supportive, loyal people.   Sadly, my besties have all moved away.  I miss not having them close by :-( and is it just me, or is it a lot harder to make good friends as an adult?

It sure is fun watching my daughters make friends.  They sure have no problem making new friends:-)  I used the perfect papers for this theme of my page:  Webster's Pages new Best Friends collection.

These girls play so amazing always brings so much joy to hear their laughter when together!  I hope this sweet relationship continues to grow and blossom!

A big thank-you and hug to all of my online scrapbooking friends!  I appreciate you all so much!



  1. Sweet photo, sweet colors, sweet layout. Sweet!

  2. oh what lovely colors--GREAT layout!

  3. What darling card and layout!! I just love your scrapbooking style! You know, I do think it is harder to make good friends as an adult. For one thing, when we were younger we had so much in common! In fact, my closest friends are scrapers, or people I met at church, and some from work (outside of my own work area).


Thank-you for making my day!