Sunday, May 1, 2011

I love your toothless smile

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! It was our Spring Break from school this past week so I kept busy entertaining the kids:-) Thankfully, the weather cooperated!

This layout uses a mix of Teresa Collins papers...mostly from the POSH collection. My daughter lost both her front teeth not too long ago and at first was very self conscious about it. Now, they are almost grown it. This growing up thing happens too fast, doesn't it??


  1. Such a beautiful LO. Her toothless grin is so cute x

  2. Love that toothless smile!! This is another great "Jamie" layout!

  3. cuter than cute! LOVE those pics!

  4. What a cute and girly way to document a child's right of passage. She may be self-conscious about it now, but in 10 years she will be so thankful her wonderful mother scrapped it for her! Another amazing layout, my bloggin' friend.

  5. It hurts to see your baby grow so fast. And mothers feel the pain when they see their child lose a tooth! Time flies, and mothers can only deal with it. Your layout looks beautiful, btw. It's good to keep memories.

    Jesse Hake


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