Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spider Treat Holder

Hello again blog...I've missed you!!! I took a little hiatus from "blog land" (not scrapbooking though...I've been doing LOTS of projects I will share soon). Its just that I have found a new love, well, its not "new" it has just reached a new obsessive level...hee hee.....it's my CAMERA. I got a new one and I can't stop. Unfortunately my kids have had enough of me so I have had to move on. I have been having a blast taking pictures of other people's kids, their babies, family photos, my dogs, unsuspecting chipmunks...etc. So if you want your picture taken, come on over! :-)

Here is a fun project I did for GCD Studios. It is
a fun way to give a little treat to
someone special. The spider body is a chipboard piece from gcd studios and I used the chip art tool to give him a fun pattern. Halloween will be here soon!!!! Are you ready?


  1. Jamie that spider is so cute! What a great idea!! Have a great day!

  2. how cute is that spider?! FUN project!!

  3. Very cute! And how imaginative!!

  4. It doesn't get cuter than this!! LOVE the embossing!

  5. i hate spiders but this is irresistably cute :D

    ps - i have camera envy LOL :D

  6. How cool is this?! And I can't wait to see what you capture and create with your new camera--yay for you!


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