Monday, March 9, 2009

Canada Day

Ok I realize that it is not anywhere near Canada Day but this is one of those layouts that I started and never got around to finishing:)  We just got back today from a ski trip and I needed to do some has been five days and I am seriously suffering!!!  This layout was quick and easy to finish since it was already half happy canada day...either VERY late or REALLY early! Ha!  Ski trip was great but I didn't even take my camera on the hill.  Seriously...if it doesn't involve my children, I don't take pictures.  Need to change that.
All products are close to my heart, except for the patterned paper.


  1. This is such a beautiful brings out the beauty of your girls. What kind of camera do you have? Have you taken photography classes? I'm always impressed with not only your layouts, but your photos!

  2. First the layout is adorable. The pictures are just stunning!


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