Thursday, March 18, 2010

How can someone so small and so sweet....

...BE SO LOUD??!!! Seriously, she is three, has the sweetest doll face ever (I know I am biased) but the girl is LOUD! She is loud when she is happily playing, it's true, her shrieks of joy are almost as painful to my ears as her upset shrieks....almost. And, yes, my "doll" can be quite a stinker at times, you should hear her yell at her sister. Ouch. Yup, she is loud. But the thing is, she will make a liar out of me if you ever meet her. Shy and quiet as can be to anyone new.

Of course I had to do a layout about her loudness and every time I look at that yelling photo, I laugh.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


  1. this IS really cute! that loud picture cracks me up! :)

  2. such cute comparison pics - my girls are loud too :D

  3. Love the two photos, you'll have to be sure and pull these out when she's older. I can hear it now, "Was I 'really' like that?" I love the red and the beautiful dasies.
    Kim xXx

  4. Awesome page. I was cracking up. Plus it looks fabulous!

  5. I love this layout. So simple and sweet!

  6. Oh my gosh a girl after my heart. I am a loud one and just like your daughter always have been. It is okay Mom you are preparing her for cheer leading! It will all be good in the end.
    Now your photography is simply the best. How do you take such beautiful pictures and especially of your finished projects. Any pointers would be most helpful.
    I love your layouts as well. Stunning, just stunning.
    Have a great weekend:)

  7. I hear ya girl...I 4 that are LOUD, LOUD, LOUD! This is adorable layout. I just love how you used a color and a black and white pic...precious!

  8. u can't blame you for laughing - it's so darn cute..i would make it into a canvas (-:


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