Monday, November 23, 2009

Star Album Tutorial

I did this tutorial for JuJu Bees Scrapbook Corner. I make these star albums every year for stocking stuffers for family and friends:-) They are super easy and fun to make!

If you have never made one before, here is one way to make them:

Step 1: Cut seven 4 x 12 pieces of cardstock (mine is red)
Step 2: From these strips, cut at 5.5 inches. You will now have seven pieces of 5.5 and seven pieces of 6.5 inch pieces.
Step 3: Cut four 4x12 strips of cardstock (mine is white). Then cut these in half at 6 inches.
Step 4: You will now have all of your pieces to make this album.
Step 5: Fold all of the pieces in half.
Step 6: Put adhesive on the biggest piece and the medium piece on the outside edge only.
Step 7: Adhere them together - edges only - with the smallest piece on the inside.
Step 8: Continue to do this with all of your pieces.
Step 9: Time for finishing touches! Adhere some patterned paper over a piece of chipboard (I used a cut up cereal box). Adhere a piece of ribbon to the front and back of your book and then place your covers over top.
Step 10: Your star book is complete! Add embellishments as desired!


  1. Wow--so pretty--and great stocking stuffers! Thanks for the neat idea!

  2. These are such a great gift idea! Thanks for the directions and I'll for sure be making some for little gifts! Fabby job!
    Kim xXx

  3. Your star book looks like a great gift idea! Thanks for sharing -

  4. Great idea! I did 8x8 albums for our parents last year...adding to it this year. I'll remember this for future reference! Thanks for posting it!

  5. Oooh, I love that you did this tutorial. I'll be making one in the morning!

  6. Ohh WOW!!! This is AWESOME. Thanks for posting the instructions!!!

  7. Very cute gift! Thanks for the tutorial - may have to give one of these a try!
    P.S. Rec'd my new issues of Cdn Scrapbooker and Cdn Scrapbooker Basics on Friday - - saw your layouts in both!! Congrats on the publications!! Both layouts are fantastic!

  8. Love the simplicity & would look really pretty as a table centerpiece.

  9. Jamie,
    These are super cute! I love the idea. Hope I can put some of these together in time for the holidays. Thanks for sharing!


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