Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome Baby

I actually need to make a welcome baby card for a boy but for some reason (I guess having two girls) I only seem to make "girly" ones!!  All product used is from Close to my Heart (except for the pearls and gems in the flowers).


  1. This card is GREAT. I left a comment on the bulletin board as well. I would tell you to visit my blog but I have only just started and it has NOTHING on this artwork! I am going to have to follow this blog as well now. Adding you to my blog roll.

  2. As I said on the art board - this is fantastic. do you have a black background for your photos?
    To answer your question about my card was tulip not sorbet. Don't know if it's my photography skills (or lack thereof) or what but my colors don't seem to show up "true."

  3. Every time I see this card I gasp, it is so beautiful! You should submit it!


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