Monday, September 16, 2013

Russian Magazine Publication

Today was a great start to the week!  I am feeling very organized after spending the weekend, well organizing!  I also made two suppers in advance for the week as well as pumpkin cookies (YUM) and a tomato soup recipe from scratch (I have soooo many garden tomatoes to use up)!

A little while back, I had the opportunity to contribute to a Russian Scrapbooking Magazine.  They were doing a feature on Teresa Collins and her fabulous product :-)

Here is the layout I made that was published in the article:

The requested theme was "baby" so I had a blast digging up old photos of my sweet girls...gosh they grow up fast!  Sniff sniff!  This photo of Sienna was always a favorite of mine...she was such happy baby!


  1. So cute! Sometimes I feel like when I am scrapping old photos of my kids I spent more time ooohing and aaaahing over the photos, reliving the memories, and shedding a few tears than I do actually scrapping! lol


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